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OTW is a content agency that specializes in digital, print and television. Each year we produce 40+ magazine titles, hundreds of hours of broadcast television and video, and a wide range of digital media.

Content is more than writing an article or snapping a photo, even, or maybe especially, when writing and photographing has become ubiquitous. At OTW, we take a strategic view on content because we know how important it is to create content that is relevant to you and your target audience. That’s also why we emphasize the importance of constant evaluation and analysis of your content and your content strategy.

We believe in storytelling, and reaching the core of your customers, current and future, wherever and whenever they are.

We work closely with our clients to discuss channels, timing, and frequency of message, based on the market plan, and we strive to know the target groups, to be able to create content they like – dare we say love? Yes we do – and look forward to consuming.

Content strategy

Wise men say only fools rush in, and no reasonable person runs into the woods without a map. You definitely shouldn’t  just “do content marketing” without a plan.

We create a solid content strategy in partnership with the client; the strategy includes a vision and a target that will guide the work going forward. Objectives are measurable, and the content strategy includes publishing plans, core messages, and the choice of channel, among other things.

Very few companies don’t need a content marketing strategy. Contact Jessica Arhammar to see how we can help you with your print, digital, and social content strategy.


Digital Media

Your website is by far the most important marketing channel, and the hub for all other communication. With that in mind, it is important to have a strategy for interaction, conversion, and distribution of content to other platforms, such as newsletters, social media, etc.

Regardless of the platform, OTW will help you with concept, strategy and content. Contact Ulrika Alforsen, and we will help you, too!



Even in this digital world, people still love to read magazines. Sometimes your stories need a magazine, a book, or other printed material to truly shine, or to reach the key people you want to reach. Stories in print charge your brand with positive feelings, create attraction and add power to your message.

OTW produces customer magazines, employee magazines, membership magazines, and lots of other printed material. Erika Gohde knows it all – give her a call!

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OTW has told stories through TV and video since 1996, and though the media landscape has changed dramatically since then, we’ve still got it. (Others tell us that).

We produce video presentations for a number of companies and organizations and they range from large broadcast events to quick Instagram videos. We excel in explaining complex issues in a simple way, using video and animations. The channels may vary – TV, web, social media – but the productions are always of the highest quality and focus is on our client’s objectives and the message. Contact Niklas Wallenberg to know more.

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What can we do for you?

We know that editorial communication is most effective when it is integrated, when it harnesses the strengths of combining the right content with the right media.

This is where the unique expertise of OTW comes in. By using our specialist know-how, we can tailor communication solutions, regardless of platform, in a way that is unrivalled by other providers.

Our customers have already discovered the benefits of working with a one-stop editorial partner who sees the bigger picture.
You can too.

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